Where Does Happiness Begin? With Dawn Nolan

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Where Does Happiness Begin? With Dawn Nolan

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6 October - 23 October


At Teacher's Convenience


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Where Does Happiness Begin? With Dawn Nolan

Pre-recorded Video

Available from 12th October to 23rd October

Suitable for 1st and 2nd Class

This short workshop can be done at the Teacher's chosen time


"Some days happiness seems to be hiding while on other days it's right there with you wherever you go".

In this pre-recorded workshop for younger children, we will explore where happiness comes from with this beautiful story by Eva Eland and what we can do when we can't find it. Five minutes of mindfulness with Dawn from my Higher Shelf.

Dawn Nolan is a coach and NLP Practioner who runs a website called My Higher Shelf. She loves curating the best books she can, to help children and their grown-ups with their wellbeing. She is currently studying to be a Creative Mindfulness teacher for children.

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