What would the Countess say?

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02nd Apr 2019




Dalkey Castle



Event Description

Dalkey Castle celebrates the 100th anniversary of Countess Markievicz being appointed the first Minister for Labour on 2nd April 1919 to the day on Tuesday April 2nd 2019. 

On the 100th anniversary, to the day, of Countess Markievicz being made the first female Minister for Labour, Dalkey Castle will present Staged Reading of the play ‘What would the Countess Say?’ The play has been adapted from Martina Devlin’s story of the same name by Margaret Dunne.

The original story is from Martina’s collection ‘Truth and Dare’ about women who shaped Ireland. In the play (as in the story) Countess Markievicz is brought to life into the present day. The audience will experience first-hand her reaction to the current state of affairs in Ireland in 2019.

After the performance, Áine Lawlor, RTÉ, will discuss with the author the inspiration for the work, the significance of Countess Markievicz’s appointment and the current status of women in politics.

Tickets €12.50

Time 7.30pm

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Tel credit card 01 285 8366

(Image Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland)

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