Uncovering a Collection

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Carolyn Brown




13th August - 23rd September 2015


Mon - Thurs 10am to 8pm
Fri & Sat 10am to 5pm




Event Description

Uncovering a Collection includes a selection of works that span over a century in time.  The works selected highlight some key moments in the Collection’s history-from a generous donation of paintings made to the then Dún Laoghaire Corporation by the Friends of the National Collection in the mid 20thCentury include works as notable as Mainie Jellett, Mary Swanzy and Pierre Bonnard to recent works that were created during artists’ residency programme (including Julie Merriman and Noel Bowler). This is the first time that these works have been exhibited together.

Over time the Collection has grown to include local artists, those involved in its arts programme and a contemporary collection of works purchased from younger artists, recent graduates and degree shows.  This is the first time that these works from the County Collection have been exhibited together.  Many of the artists represented in this exhibition have obvious connections either by living in or having a relationship with the County.  Others show an involvement with the County that offer a more poignant insight. 

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