Trading Places, A History of Shopkeeping in Dún Laoghaire

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Trading Places, A History of Shopkeeping in Dún Laoghaire


10th August to 30th September


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The shopping experience in Dún Laoghaire has changed dramatically over the years. As well as the larger shops and supermarkets on Upper and Lower George’s Street, there was also a selection of shops supplying virtually all the needs of the local population. Smaller shops thrived off the main thoroughfare in the Patrick Street/Cross Avenue area, catering for their local communities. But things changed, many of the smaller shops that seemed part of the fabric of Dún Laoghaire disappeared.

Hard to believe that in the late 1990s one could still buy and airline ticket from the Aer Lingus office in Upper George’s Street. In the early 1970s before nearly everyone had a washing machine, you could leave your washing into the premises of the Swastika Laundry on Upper George’s Street.


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