Spring Talk: The Metals

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Spring Talk: The Metals

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Dlr Heritage Events


087 226 5013, 9am - 5pm


18th Mar 2020




Marlay Park (Marlay House)



Event Description

The Metals is a very popular walkway and cycleway that runs between Dalkey and Dun Laoghaire. It is unique in Ireland as a long walkway in an urban area that is away from the traffic except for well-signalled crossing points. This story of this pathway predates the existence of the town of Dun Laoghaire and it is inextricably linked with the construction of the huge harbour. It was along the Metals that the stone was hauled from the quarries to build the harbour - without the Metals the harbour could not have been built and without the harbour the town would not have come into existence in the way that we know it today. Rob Goodbody is a local historian and historic building consultant. He has presented many lectures on a range of topics and has led guided walks in the Summer of Heritage programme and elsewhere. His book The Metals - from Dalkey to Dun Laoghaire has been reprinted several times. Talks are free. Must be pre-booked via email: dlrheritageevents@dlrcoco.ie

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