Spring Talk: Climate Change - What is in our future?

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Spring Talk: Climate Change - What is in our future?

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Dlr Heritage Events


087 2265013, 9am - 5pm


15th Apr 2020




Marlay Park (Marlay House)



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That the world has warmed since the 19th century is unequivocal. Evidence forwarming includes changes in surface, atmospheric and oceanic temperatures; glaciers;snow cover; sea ice; sea level and atmospheric water vapour. We know that humanshave been the main cause of this warming through emissions of greenhouse gases. Wealso know that continued emissions of greenhouse gases will cause further warmingand changes in all components of the climate system, and at all scales from local toglobal. How much warming will be experienced over the course of this century dependson future emissions of greenhouse gases. If we continue on a business as usual course,Earth’s average temperature is likely to increase by between 2.6°C to 4.8°C abovetoday’s levels, with associated increases in extreme events and sea level rise. For Irelandand Dún Laoghaire, such changes would likely mean more frequent wet winters, drysummers and hot summers which would pose challenges for water and flood riskmanagement, agriculture and tourism. In an attempt to avoid the worst impacts ofclimate change, the Paris Agreement commits to limiting global temperature rise tonot more than 2°C above pre-industrial temperatures. We are already approaching thehalf way point to that target. What future do we want? Learn more from leading Climate Change expert Dr. Conor Murphy Irish ClimateAnalysis and Research Unit (ICARUS), Department of Geography, Maynooth University. Talks are free. Must be pre-booked via email: dlrheritageevents@dlrcoco.ie

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