Looking back at Killiney

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Looking back at Killiney


5 MAY TO 31 JULY 2015


Mon - Thurs 9.30am to 8pm, Fri and Sat 9.30am to 5pm


dlr Lexicon



Event Description

Looking back at Killiney: Its people, the community...an evolving history

dlr LexIcon will host an exhibition produced by Killiney Village Residents’ Association during the summer months May – June.

Explaining Killiney village and its environs, it explores its history from druidic settlement, to castle estate replete with family –run dairies, to bustling seaside resort. The exhibition draws on the collective lore of Killiney residents, using  their personal archival photography and documents dating back generations.

Looking back at Killiney began as a photographic exhibition of the area, proposed by Jimmy Kelly, a lifetime resident of Glenalua Road. Ideas were proposed, images were gathered from as far away as Australia and many unearthed from forgotten boxes in attics!

The Association gratefully acknowledge the generosity of images and information supplied by national institutions. The stories in the exhibition are local, from people who lived out their lives in a glorious part of the country, people who struggled and survived in difficult times and people with extraordinary means who helped their neighbours. Their stories capture the deep sense of connection to Killiney and its rich and vivid history and their desire to share these stories with the wider community.

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