A History of Ireland in 10 Words

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A History of Ireland in 10 Words

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2 Sept - 31 Oct 2020


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A History of Ireland in 10 Words Courtesy of The Royal Irish Academy and eDIL

2 September - 31 October 2020, Level 3, dlr LexIcon

The words we use say something fundamental about us and how we think. They give others an indication of what we know, what is important to us, and how we perceive our environment. The words that have come down to us from Gaelic Ireland are the product of a rich and varied textual culture which included legal tracts, covering everything from murder to bee-keeping, and tales about kings, queens, heroes and warriors. Discover how the Irish ate, drank, dressed, loved and lied through the centuries in this fascinating exhibition based on A History of Ireland in 100 Words by Sharon Arbuthnot, Máire Ní Mhaonaigh and Gregory Toner, illustrated by Joe McLaren and published by the Royal Irish Academy (2019).

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