The National Maritime Museum

Ph: 01-2143964
Dun Laoghaire

Attraction Description

Housed in the historic former Mariners’ Church, the National Maritime Museum of Ireland is a fascinating voyage through time and all things nautical. The building, built in 1837, offers a great selection of artifacts and exhibits illustrating various aspects of a seafaring nation. Both the everyday and the tragic are highlighted.

The Irish Lights exhibit relates to lighthouses, the Great Eastern display is all about the majestic ship of the same name and the St. Columba’s Chapel area remembers Irish ships during World War 2. There are many interesting items elsewhere, such as models and material salvaged from the RMS Leinster, torpedoed in 1918 just outside Dublin Bay. This is just a taste of what is waiting to be discovered there!               

The National Maritime Museum of Ireland also has a library and archive. School tours and other groups are welcome. The Museum also has a café which serves teas, coffees, soup and a variety of light snacks. The shop offers a good range of souvenirs and books. Parking facilities are available nearby, details of which are available from the Museum.

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